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PDS+CNC Machining’s metal turning work is one of the most demanded in San Antonio. Our expertise in the use of lathes allows us to perform a wide range of operations to produce precision machined parts to exacting standards, including:

    • Processing of bodies of revolution;
    • Threading, external and internal;
    • Creation of end holes;
    • Cutting off part of the workpiece, etc.


Our lathes provide processing of parts of various sizes; they can work with different metals and alloys. External and internal processing, creating a variety of grooves, cutting external and internal threads, drilling end holes and boring them, countersinking, etc. – Our team routinely performs a wide range of work. Call with any questions or product development inquiries

Our experience allows us to quickly create parts for a wide variety of equipment while maintaining a lower cost for our clients

Find the Best CNC Turning Services in San Antonio, TX

PDS+CNC Machining CNC Turning services are in great demand, as they allow us to quickly create a wide variety of parts – nuts, bolts, shafts, pulleys, couplings, rings, gears, etc., from various metals and alloys.

We understand the importance of finding a company capable of performing the necessary work quickly, with a high level of quality at a competitive rate. We want your experience to be seamless—your product to match your vision and work together on future projects. Contact us; we guarantee you the highest quality of CNC turning work with competitive pricing. We are the company you continue working with on future projects.

Our CNC team knows how vital our shop, equipment, and expertise are to create a single perfect piece on our CNC machines. We work with you to eliminate any error in production so the first finished product can be tested and reproduced in a more extensive run with repeatability.

Multi-functional CNC Machines

Turning on CNC machines presupposes, first of all, large-scale production of simple and complex parts. PDS+CNC Machining has one of the most powerful production bases in San Antonio & TX for the mechanical processing of metals. We process on multi-functional CNC machines any metals and alloys, any quantities of any complexity at Competitive rates. High-quality turning of steel cold-finished steel, brass, and aluminum on CNC machines is guaranteed quality and exact precision accuracy.

High Precession CNC Turned Parts

PDS+CNC Machining will take your prototype construction to series production. With our wide range of CNC lathes and turning machines, we can manufacture high-precision, high-quality parts that meet your strictest requirements.

CNC lathe

Our CNC lathes can provide inexpensive parts for simple cylindrical geometries. Live tooling is available for more complex geometries, depending on the individual projects

Surface finishing

Surface finishes are applied after processing and can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness, and chemical resistance of the milled parts produced.


We provide services for the machining of parts on CNC lathes:


Internal and external processing of bodies of revolution


Grooving and turning of cones


Chamfering and trimming of ends


Fillets and ledges processing


Drilling, reaming, countersinking (countersinking), boring, etc.


Cutting external and internal threads

We have a fleet of sophisticated and advanced computer-controlled (CNC) turning and milling equipment. Our team is ready to meet any challenge. Our machinists and operators will help you solve the most complex technological problems.

The Intellectual capabilities of our equipment provide for quick changeovers, continuous processing in automated mode, high productivity, and maximum efficiency. We manufacture large and medium-sized batches of parts of any complexity from any grade of steel, non-ferrous metals, or alloys.

Turning on CNC machines in San Antonio

PDS+CNC uses turning and milling machine tools with programmed control. It is precisely for turning and milling processing on CNC machines to generate high productivity without increasing scrap. 
Choosing PDS+CNC for lathe or high-precision CNC machining is the right choice. Sophisticated equipment entails an extensive list of additional options that play a critical role in the high-quality operation of sophisticated equipment. We use high-quality compressed air and coolant to the best tooling and up-to-date CAM / CAD programs,

The main advantages of our PDS+CNC Machines for the provision of services for turning and milling complex parts on CNC machines:

      • Three mechanical workshops, from turning and milling of any complexity to grinding, welding, honing, and broaching;
      • New machine tools, cutting tools from HAAS
      • Our expert technical team, experienced machinists, designers, and customer service will help you choose the best solutions for turning and milling parts, regardless of the number and complexity;
      • CNC Turning to order of all types of metals – stainless steels, structural steels, various grades of cast iron, titanium, copper, aluminum, brass, different alloys, and more.
      • CNC machine operators are well-trained and the best in the business
      • Contact our CNC Turning Professional Staff Now

Do you want to get a complex part with unique geometry? Our experts will help you create complex programs for machine tools that will allow simultaneous turning and milling, thereby maximizing the use of equipment capabilities and stay within budget.


We love working with individuals: entrepreneurs, inventors, and dreamers of all kinds.

But we also have decades of experience in serving companies across many industries. Some examples of the kind of work we’ve done:

Biotechnology/Medical Systems & Devices

Specialty tools for surgical procedures

Specialty tools for biological research use

Robot assemblies and parts

Oil & Gas

Oil field equipment and technical measuring devices


Assembly line assistance for auto manufacturing clients

Customized parts for automobiles

Modifications on parts for automobile manufacturers

Food Manufacturing

Assembly line assistance for food product clients


Repair and manufacture of obsolete aircraft parts

Parts for specialty aircraft kits


Devices for law enforcement use


Parts used within electrical devices