What is
CNC Milling?

Milling work on CNC machines is a type of material processing (metal, plastic, etc.) by acting on it with a rotating tool under numerical control. In this case, the material is fixed, and the tool rotates, removing excess parts of the material.


Service of milling on CNC machines – fast, high quality, affordable!

PDS +CNC Machining specializes in the processing of sheet materials on milling machines. We offer a range of services – the development of layouts, the provision of original fittings, its preparation and post-processing, and the implementation of various types of milling, including artistic, classical, grinding, engraving, 3D, and others.

Milling work on metal and plastic

Our team will work with you to determine the specific metal alloys to be used as the workpiece. The type of metal depends on the speed of rotation, the type of tool, and other technological features of processing. We’ll write the processing program depending on the type of material.

Most often, the following materials are used in metal milling:

    • Aluminum and its alloys.
    • Copper and its alloys.
    • Stainless Steel.
    • Black Steel.

Milling work on aluminum

Parts made of aluminum using CNC milling are present in almost every mechanism that uses rotation, for example, in a bicycle or wheelchair.

Although it is customary to talk about milling aluminum, it is almost always about aluminum alloys. Even the so-called “aircraft aluminum” is an aluminum alloy with specific properties. Consider this when developing parts and placing an order. Indicate the grade of aluminum in the part list.

Engineers often use aluminum when designing mechanisms because of the properties of this metal. But in processing, it is much more complicated than the same steel or bronze.  Our specialists will correctly configure and program the CNC machine and work without defects.




Development of a template for milling a product



Adjusting or reworking an existing layout


Providing source material from the availability of the workshop

Emergency Service

Urgent execution of milling and engraving work within 1 day

Machine Placement

Cutting and adjusting the material to the working surface of the machine

Scheduled Delivery

Targeted delivery by the company’s transport


Assembly and gluing of parts

Paint Prep

Preparation for painting and application of the finishing coat

CNC turning and milling works – a modern approach to the customer

One of the main services PDS+CNC Machining focuses on is milling work on CNC (computer numerical control) machines. Our shop is equipped with HAAS VF2, HAAS VF3, and HAAS VF4, that have a range of …….. for parts and assemblies to manufacture according to specified drawings and CAD’s for mechanisms and machines from various industries ranging from biotechnology/medical, aerospace, oil & gas, automotive and more. CNC milling work allows us to machine flat and complex surfaces.

We work with all types and alloys of materials such as:

    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Stainless Steel
    • Plastic

Precise Operation of the Milling Machine is a Guarantee of Product Quality

We offer the execution of milling works according to the customer’s CAD files. We can help with and make recommendations for drawings or drafts. Our shop is equipped with the latest machine tools and technical equipment; we take on even the most complex orders beyond the power of “handicraft” industries.

 You can also order milling and engraving work on surfaces made of various steel grades from us. For each specific case, our professional turner-milling operators will select the optimal mode suitable for a particular surface. 


We love working with individuals: entrepreneurs, inventors, and dreamers of all kinds.

We also have decades of experience in serving companies across many industries. Some examples of the kind of work we’ve done:

Biotechnology/Medical Systems & Devices

Specialty tools for surgical procedures

Specialty tools for biological research use

Robot assemblies and parts

Oil & Gas

Oil field equipment and technical measuring devices


Assembly line assistance for auto manufacturing clients

Customized parts for automobiles

Modifications on parts for automobile manufacturers

Food Manufacturing

Assembly line assistance for food product clients


Repair and manufacture of obsolete aircraft parts

Parts for specialty aircraft kits


Devices for law enforcement use


Parts used within electrical devices